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Who we are

MYKINY presents sophisticated swimwear that stands for elegance and femininity while remaining modest. It is an exclusive brand for the elegant Muslimah of today.

The brand MYKINY stands for women who express their femininity in an elegant and  sophisticated way while keeping true to her believes.  A woman who knows what she wants.

Who says modest swimwear can’t be chic, fashionable and elegant at the same time?  Our mission is to bring back elegance in being modest. Wearing MYKINY makes you look and feel beautiful. It is an instant confidence boost empowering you to enjoy your swim activities at the fullest.

What we stand for

Our philosophy is to enable Muslim women expressing themselves uniquely without compromising on their modesty.

The MYKINY woman loves to distinguish herself, is brave, follows her heart to pursue her dreams and doesn’t set aside her believes.  She is a sophisticated woman who appreciate the beauty of life and live it on its fullest.

A shout out to the world, that modesty does not have to stop you from being you!

Sending this message out into the world through fashion, worn by the ones who runs the world: Women.  This is an excellent way to show the world where we stand for: Feminism, elegancy and Fabulous. Look flawless in your burkinis, to do and be all you want. To achieve happiness and more fulfillment in life without having to miss out on your swim, sun and fun needs.


Our designers are always striving for excellence when designing and developing the MYKINY modest swimwear collections. Our modest swimwear collections are made of the finest materials, fabrics, and rich in colors while at the same time offering an elegant, comfortable and modest coverage solution. Every piece is a fashion must have for the Muslima. It combines fashion and modesty in a unique elegant twist. A modest swimsuit of the MYKINY collection will have you look elegant, sophisticated and comfortable during your visit to the beach or pool.  Looking on your best and finest during all your swim activities.

The Swimwear

MYKINY believe that every woman is unique and has her own personal cover desires. With its modest swimwear collections which provides for various coverage options MYKINY is able to cater your unique demand. Other than most burkinis we give you the possibility to conceal and reveal to your desire by providing you a rank of beautiful swim dresses with attached hijab, sunsafe tunics, with turbans or caps.  Our modest swimwear is suitable for all women who want to look elegant while being covered whether this is , an example, from a religious perspective such as being Muslim or due to sun protection.

A designer’s swimwear made of the highest and finest quality swimsuit fabrics providing high level of sun protection, dries quickly and low-water absorption. The fabric allows air flow, follows body movements, and feels heavenly soft on your skin. The swimwear is designed and manufactured as such that it will remain in place and doesn’t ride up, this even when diving in the water.With a MYKINY swim dress you will feel free to dive in and swim to your heart’s content without being limited in your movement, knowing that you have purchased a swim dress which is fashionable, comfortable, modest, at the best quality and with the best fit. Whether dry or wet all MYKINY modest Swimsuits remain comfortable, elegant and light to wear.